Doin’ The Work: Frontline Stories of Social Change

Black Social Workers Speak Out About Social Work Education - André Marcel Harris, BSW; Dashawna J. Fussell-Ware, MSW; Deana Ayers, BSW; Vivian Taylor, MSW

September 7, 2020

Episode 33

Guests: André Marcel Harris, BSW; Dashawna J. Fussell-Ware, MSW; Deana Ayers, BSW; Vivian Taylor, MSW

Host: Charla Cannon Yearwood, LSW

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This episode is a collaboration with SWCAREs – Social Work Coalition for Anti-Racist Educators – who are doing phenomenal work to transform social work. SWCAREs members Charla Yearwood and Laura Hoge dropped serious knowledge on Episode 27 White Supremacy in Social Work. I’m so excited that Charla is back on Doin’ The Work, this time as the host. Charla facilitates a discussion with a group of amazing Black social workers who talk about their experiences with social work education.


I chose to pass the mic to Charla because I wanted to give this platform to Black social workers to have a conversation without white people, so that it could be really open without any filter I may impose on it when I’m interviewing.


I’m grateful to Charla for doing this and to André, Dashawna, Deana, and Vivian for their time, courage, and vulnerability. They are giving the social work world a gift with this episode. Something that jumped out to me about their stories is how social work education is so violent towards Black students on so many levels. This has to change.


The guests’ social media and contact info, along with Cash App and Venmo accounts are in the show notes, so please give them support. I hope this conversation inspires you to action.




André’s info:

Twitter: @andreharris89

Instagram: @andremarcelharris

Cash App: $AndreMarcelHarris


Dashawna’s info:

Twitter: @msfdubs

Cash App: $docfw22

Venmo: @shawnafw



Deana’s info:

Twitter: @deanajayers

Instagram: @deanajayers

Venmo: @djayers


Vivian’s info:

Twitter: @TayloredLooks

Cash App: $TayloredBills

Venmo: @Vivian-Taylor-25


Black Men in Social Work

Twitter: @blackmeninSW

Instagram: @blackmeninsocialwork

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