Doin’ The Work: Frontline Stories of Social Change

Child Welfare, Foster Care, Family Preservation - Ronnita Waters, LCSW

February 4, 2019

Episode 14
Guest: Ronnita Waters, LCSW
Host: Shimon Cohen, LCSW
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In this episode, I talk with Ronnita Waters, who is the Program Operations Administrator at the Center for Family and Child Enrichment, Inc. in Miami, Florida. Ronnita is also the South Florida Area Coordinator for Florida State University College of Social Work and an adjunct professor at Florida Memorial University. We discuss the child welfare system, foster care, family preservation, and various interventions that take place for children and families in this complex system. Ronnita takes us through an example of what happens when child abuse is reported. She also talks about the challenges of this work for her and how she has learned to “self-check” and “regulate” her emotions and thoughts in order to focus on the needs of the children and families. Ronnita shares her story of how she got into this work and the impact of her life experience on her work. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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